Windows Server Software-Defined

Get up and running quickly with a validated Windows Server 2016 solution
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure from Windows Server

The goal of Microsoft’s Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) program is to ensure that customers have a seamless deployment and steady-state operational experience on validated hardware. WSSD solutions use Microsoft-validated designs and follow engineering best practices to get you up and running without lengthy design and build times.

DataON offers an array of WSSD solutions that work with Window Server to deliver high-performance storage or hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Hyper-converged solutions bring together compute, storage, and networking on industry-standard servers and components for improved data center intelligence and control while avoiding the costs of specialized high-end hardware.

DataON hyper-converged solutions have earned the highest certification. WSSD HCI premium solutions provide a comprehensive software-defined “data center in a box” for the highest level of performance, manageability, and security offered, delivered as a fully-deployed experience.

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What you’ll love about the Windows Server Software-Defined program

Hybrid capabilities
Take advantage of the cloud and on-premises working together with the only hyper-converged infrastructure platform from a leader in public cloud
Industry-leading performance
Achieve unprecedented virtual machine performance with millions of IOPS and consistent sub-millisecond latency.
Lower costs
Consolidate with industry-standard hardware, and enjoy the flexibility to buy what you need today and seamlessly scale out tomorrow.
Simpler operations
Easily manage and monitor your infrastructure with the included dashboard and native PowerShell automation.
Enterprise-grade security
Help keep apps and data secure with shielded virtual machines, network micro-segmentation, and native encryption for data at rest and in transit
DataON HCI solutions are WSSD HCI premium certified

Microsoft has three levels of WSSD certifications. As a WSSD HCI premium certified provider,  DataON offers its customers a complete turnkey “software-defined data-center-in-a-box” with the highest HCI certifications from Microsoft.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) – Enterprise-grade shared-nothing storage solution built on server node clusters replaces traditional SAN/NAS at a much lower cost. Organizations can quickly add storage capacity as needs grow over time. Support for all-flash NVMe drives delivers unrivaled performance.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Standard – Highly virtualized compute and storage are combined in the same server node cluster, making them easier to deploy, manage, and scale. By eliminating traditional IT compute, storage, and networking silos, you can simplify your infrastructure.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Premium – Comprehensive “software-defined data-center-in-a-box” adds Software-Defined Networking and Security Assurance features to HCI Standard. This makes it easy to scale compute, storage, and networking up and down to meet demand just like public cloud services.

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Certified Windows Server Software-Defined Solutions

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Optimized for Performance & Cost


2U 1-Node Rack
Hybrid Storage

Image module
Optimized for IOPS & Performance


2U 1-Node Rack
All NVMe / All Flash Storage

Image module
Optimized for IOPS & Density


2U 4-Node Rack
All Flash Storage

Image module
Optimized for Value


2-Node Mini Towers
All Flash Storage

Image module
Optimized for Performance


1U 2-Node Rack
All NVMe Storage

Image module
Flxible Storage Solution


2U 2-Node Rack
Hybrid Storage