As part of a Windows Server-based storage solution, the DataON DNS family of JBODs helps to reduce complexity and cost from deploying a traditional SAN solution. Using a virtualized environment provides greater flexibility and scalability as your backup storage needs grow.


Tailored to withstand storage capacity demands in the software-defined data center, the DataON DNS series provides high storage density while delivering outstanding low dollar-per-GB costs for cold, warm and even hot storage workloads. They also leverage high-efficiency power to maximize performance-per-watt savings to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).


The DataON DNS series supports 24 to 60 drive bays in a 2U or 4U chassis. Each are quipped with redundant hot swap drive bays and power and cooling modules. It also has dual I/O controllers for redundant and maximum availability, supporting up to 4800 MB/sec bandwidth per connector. Mix and match nearline storage, 10K RPM HDDs, and SSDs within the same enclosure.


DataON DNS JBODs are the foundational building blocks for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 storage solutions. They can be used either as a standalone direct attach JBOD or a storage expansion in conjunction with server nodes managed by a RAID controller.


Used in conjunction with DataON S2D server nodes, DataON DNS JBODs are part of a validated scale-out storage solution for Azure Stack HCI.


Image module
Windows Server-based Storage Solution
Reduces complexity and cost from deploying a traditional SAN backup
Enterprise-class Resiliency
Helps protect your organization from business disruptions with integrated, leading-edge technologies, including 12Gb/s SAS connectivity, dual I/O modules, and fully redundant power supplies.
Affordable, Scalable, High-Density Storage
Offers affordable, scalable storage that allows you to maximize your budget and finite rack space
Energy Efficient
Leverages high-efficiency power to maximize performance-per-watt savings to reduce TCO
Validated SoFS Solution for Azure Stack HCI
With used with DataON S2D server nodes
Veeam Ready Repository
Meets or exceeds functional performance for backup and restore operations with Veeam software
Scale-out storage with Azure Stack HCI


  • Highly scalable up to sixteen nodes with four hundred drives for up to 4PB of storage per cluster
  • Three-way mirror fault tolerance and mirror-accelerated parity with Azure Stack HCI
  • Industry-standard hardware for lower TCO
  • Reduced file size 30 to 90% with data deduplication


  • Backup and disaster recovery with Veeam
  • Video surveillance
  • Bulk storage repository


Technical Specifications

Form-Factor2U / 1-JBOD rack 24x 2.5"4U / 1-JBOD rack 24x 3.5"4U / 1-JBOD rack 60x 3.5"4U / 1-JBOD rack 102x 3.5"
Drive Config24x 2.5” 12G SAS 3.024x 3.5” 12G SAS 3.060x 3.5” 12G SAS 3.0102x 3.5” 12G SAS 3.0
Drive SupportHot-swappable
--3.5"/2.5" versatile tray2.5” to 3.5” converter sold separately
SSD SupportUp to 24x SAS SSDs
Controller SupportBroadcom® HBA or MegaRAID Controller
I/O ControllerDual redundant 12Gb/s SAS 3.0 I/O module
Host Interface3x 12Gb/s SAS 3.0 SFF-8644
connections per I/O module
4x 12Gb/s SAS 3.0 SFF-8644
connections per I/O module
6x 12Gb/s SAS 3.0 SFF-8644
connections per I/O module
ManagementSupport SCSI enclosure services SES-3
Power SupplyDual 300W@100-240VDual 500W@100-240VDual 1600W@200-240V
Dimensions3.46” H x 19.02” W x 22.01” D6.93” H x 18.98” W x 23.90” D6.89” H x 17.61” W x 28.03” D6.89” H x 17.61” W x 41.25” D