Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI (preview) lets you deploy Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts on your on-premises Azure Stack HCI infrastructure. You manage your session hosts from the Azure portal.
If you already have an existing on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment, AVD for Azure Stack HCI can improve your experience. If you’re already using Azure Virtual Desktop in the cloud, you can extend your deployment to your on-premises infrastructure to better meet your performance or data locality needs.
AVD for Azure Stack HCI is currently in public preview. As such, it doesn’t currently support certain important Azure Virtual Desktop features. Because of these limitations, it’s not recommend using AVD for Azure Stack HCI for production workloads yet.
Modernize your app and virtual desktop infrastructure – Fully managed, cloud-hosted VDI management plane
Deliver Windows 10 to any device – Windows 10 and 11 Enterprise multi-session with seamless Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams experience
Optimal performance with full control – Direct access to local session hosts with RDP Shortpath
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Cloud-based VDI
  • Simplify your VDI deployment—no need to manage brokers, gateways, or underlying servers and storage
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Windows 11 multi-session
  • Get Windows 10 & Windows 11 multi-session or single session support
  • Achieve high utilization & lower operation costs
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  • Enjoy optimized Microsoft 365 / Teams experience
  • Use RDP ShortParth for low latency user access
  • Run graphic-intensive worloads with GPU support
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Full control
  • Satisfy data locality requirements with efficient, performant on-premises storage and DR
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Scale across cloud and on-premises
  • Manage and scale deployments across bothAzure and Azure Stack HCI through a single management experience
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Optimize for cost
  • Use existing eligible Windows licenses
  • Save with Windows 10/11 multi-session support

Quickly & Easily Deploy, Manage, and Cost Optimize Virtual Desktop with Nerdio

Through a strategic partnership with Nerdio, DataON offers customers a seamless integration with Nerdio Manager for Enterprise. It is a powerful management platform that adds hundreds of features on top of Azure Virtual Desktop that simplify management, ensure efficient operations, and lower Azure compute and storage costs by up to 75% via automation. The platform also fully supports Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI in addition to native Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Intune and Windows 365 Cloud PCs.
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