Azure Arc extends cloud-native services such as management, monitoring, governance, and development tools to Azure Arc–enabled infrastructure. However, not all Azure Arc–enabled infrastructure implementations are Microsoft-centric. Moving forward, other third-party virtualization and container solutions will also be Azure Arc–enabled. Azure Arc–enabled infrastructure for third-party solutions extends Azure-based provisioning and management to on-premises architectures built on such third-party infrastructure. For all Azure Arc–enabled infrastructure, Azure Arc extends Azure management tools from the cloud to on-premises infrastructure.
Azure Stack HCI is the Microsoft implementation of Azure Arc–enabled infrastructure. It delivers the best of Azure to organizations’ on-premises servers, from the data center to the edge.
Arc-enabled by design
Azure Stack HCI is Arc–enabled by design and is delivered as an Azure subscription. It provides native integration with Azure Arc, in addition to easy enablement of Azure services such as Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Azure Monitor, Azure Backup, and Azure Site Recovery. Due to the built-in integration with Azure Arc, organizations can centrally manage Azure Stack HCI VMs from the Azure portal as Azure Arc–enabled VMs. No matter where the HCI clusters are, you can manage and monitor your VMs from one central management plane with Azure Arc.
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Hybrid capabilities enabled by Azure Arc with Azure Stack HCI

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Develop cloud-native applications that you can operate anywhere
Azure Arc enables you to build and modernize cloud-native apps on any Kubernetes cluster while simultaneously bringing cloud data management to any infrastructure. It also enables you to use consistent GitOps and policy-driven deployment on any Kubernetes cluster. And with Azure Arc you can integrate Azure security, governance, and monitoring into your DevOps toolkit.
Harness data insights from cloud to edge
With Azure Arc, you can accelerate innovation via cloud data and AI capabilities to build next-generation apps and gain fast, continuous insights. You can also get data services anywhere that are scalable, evergreen, and manageable from a single console with Azure Arc–enabled data services such as SQL Managed Instance and PostgreSQL Hyperscale. Moreover, you can improve operational efficiency and reduce IT overhead through cloud automations and consistent management with Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI. Finally, you can reduce risk exposure through integrated multilayer security and data-governance solutions made possible by Azure Arc, Azure Stack HCI, and integrated Intel hardware-based security architecture.
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Secure and govern applications across environments
Azure Arc enablement in Azure Stack HCI lets you harden your security posture and detect threats in order to protect your workloads. With Azure Arc, you can monitor your infrastructure and applications end to end so you can proactively detect, diagnose, and resolve issues. Azure Arc also helps you conform to key compliance standards and enforce organizational policies. Intel is focused on delivering the right set of technologies that enable customers to meet compliance and regulatory requirements—and do so in a way that provides flexibility so that, as business needs change, customers have an agile hardware architecture that can help securely move, store, and process workloads.

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