DataON is exclusively focused on customers
who have made “The Microsoft Choice
to deploy a Windows Server-based storage solution.

DataON solutions certified for Microsoft Server Software-Defined are built to optimize
the full stack of Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct in a hyper-converged platform.

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Performance & Cost Optimized 1-Node Cluster with All-Flash SSDs or Hybrid Storage
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IOPS & Performance Optimized 1-Node Cluster with All-NVMe or All -Flash SSDs
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IOPS & Density Optimized 4-Node Cluster with All-Flash SSDs
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DataON is Focused On
Microsoft Windows Server
Software-Defined Storage

Our team of Microsoft Server experts know how to design, deploy and support Windows Server storage and will work with you to performance tune your workloads.

DataON solutions are certified for Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 Software-Defined Data Center, and Windows Server Software-Defined.
Our team of Microsoft experts is committed to ensuring successful deployments into your IT environment and tuning our solution to your workloads.
Customer-proven with over 500 enterprise
deployments and 100PB of Storage Spaces Direct
storage in the field.
Providing SAN-like storage monitoring features for
customers deploying Windows SDDC, DataON’s MUST
tool provides visibility and management for your
Windows Storage deployment.
MUST Datasheet

Infrastructure Visibility and Management Tool

DataON S2D-3000 solutions are integrated with DataON MUST, providing SAN-like storage monitoring features for customers deploying Windows Server 216 Software-Defined Solutions.

Dashboard Level Metrics
MUST delivers SAN-like storage monitoring features through a single pane of glass, providing real-time dashboard level metrics for IOPS, latency, throughput on cluster nodes and volumes.
Fully Integrated with SM-API
MUST utilizes the Windows Storage Health Service API built into Windows Server 2016 to monitor Storage Spaces Direct.
All DataON WSSD solutions are pre-configured with MUST at no extra charge.
System Alerts
With system alerts based on Windows Health Service faults and SAN-like call home services, systems administrators will be automatically notified of hardware failures, configuration issues and resource saturation.
Single Pane of Glass
MUST provides advanced cluster monitoring, performance metrics, system health statistics, and automated system alerts.

Multiple Tiers of Storage Visibility and Monitoring

DataON MUST enables IT teams to easily deploy and manage Microsoft Software-Defined Solutions.

  • SDDC & Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Tier
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    With the initial focus on storage monitoring and visibility, MUST provides system level information for performance, capacity, hardware inventory and faults/alerts. MUST gives you a dashboard level view of your operational visibility, analytics, infrastructure health management, storage systems metrics and event logging insights.
  • Hyper-Converged Cluster Appliance/Node Tier
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    At the hyper-converged cluster appliance (HCCA) node level, MUST provides pool, volume and device level performance, health and operational analytics for HCCA clusters. This enables you to provide proactive systems maintenance and understand requirements for workload migrations.
  • Systems and Storage Services Audit Log Tier
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    At the systems and storage services audit level, we provide the detailed logging level visibility for events to perform root cause analysis and export analytics source data.
  • SAN-like Call Home Service Support
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    Windows administrators can now have automated email alerts sent to key contacts based on the Health Service faults in Windows Server 2016. You can also leverage SNMP traps for 3rd party monitoring including disk and hardware replacement.
Management Utility Software Tool

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