Storage Replica

Storage Replica is a new feature in Windows Server 2016 with which you can set up storage-agnostic, block-level, synchronous replication between clusters or servers for disaster recovery. You also can use it to stretch a failover cluster across sites for high availability.
With synchronous replication and block-level replication, there is no possibility of data loss or file locking.
Guests can replicate their data volumes, even if running on non-Windows virtualization platforms or in public cloud.
Storage Replica uses SMB’s advanced characteristics such as multi-channel and SMB direct support on RoCE, iWARP, and Infiniband RDMA network cards.
It’s simple to create replication partners between two servers, or even to deploy stretch clusters.

DataON CiB Series for Storage Replica

DataON’s Cluster-in-a-Box (CiB) appliance is an innovative all-in-one cluster platform that delivers highly-available (HA) services and shared storage in an energy saving condensed footprint. It is specially designed for shared storage with Microsoft Storage Replica, enabling customers to reduce cost and consolidate hardware.
Optimized for Microsoft storage tiering, DataON CIBs allow you to deploy, scale and expand your storage beyond the server while managing your storage density, performance and power efficiency.
Certified for Windows Server
The S2D family is built and certified by Microsoft to seamlessly deploy with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and 2012 R2.
Managed by MUST
Fully integrated with the Windows Storage Health Server API, MUST provides advanced cluster monitoring, performance metrics, system health statistics, and automated system alerts.