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NexentaStor Certified Platform
Nexenta Certified Platform
Deploy up to 280TB in a single 4U
The Cluster-in-a-Box (CiB) storage platform developed by DataON Storage is the 1st of its kind platform certified with Nexenta Systems for their Software-defined Storage. This groundbreaking platform leverages NexentaStor's HA cluster-aware features to introduce dual server node clustering with shared hybrid storage.
Available for immediate delivery, the Cluster-in-a-Box platform for NexentaStor is a completely contained clustered shared storage solution in a single chassis. This unique storage platform is made up of two individual server nodes located side-by-side with a shared pool of hybrid storage drives—available for auto-tiering or flash-based auto-caching. Should one of the two cluster nodes fail, the system will failover automatically to the other node thus minimizing unplanned downtime and service disruption.

“We see the Cluster-in-a-Box as an innovative design and are looking forward to more platform advancements in the future"
- Nexenta CMO Bridget Warwick.
Clustered Shared Storage
DataON’s flagship product, the CiB-9470 (70 bay 4U enclosure), provides unmatched storage density by housing 70 SAS devices—280TB in only 4U of rack space.
This purpose-built unified storage solution increases data center density efficiency by requiring 75% less rack space than the traditional high availability clustered scale-out file storage 9470offerings and provides a power savings of more than 30%.
For example, a CiB-9470 out-of-box ready storage platform  with NexentaStor HA clustered software installed and populated with 256TB will fetch a list price of roughly $89,550, that’s about $349 per TB for a highly resilient unified storage solution. 

For a more in-depth evaluation of NexentaStor and the enterprise-class storage features that can be delivered, it is ideal to request a hands-on demonstration on certified hardware with the guidance of a certified Nexenta storage architect.


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