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Cluster-in-a-Box Converged Storage Appliance
Re-inventing Shared Storage
End-to-end 12Gb/s Hybrid Storage Appliance
Windows Server 2012 R2 is at the heart of the Microsoft Cloud OS and provides a unique server and datacenter platform that allows you to easily and cost-effectively cloud optimize your business on certified Cluster-in-a-Box platforms.

The newest Cluster-in-a-Box from DataON—the CIB-9224 Converged Storage Appliance—is an incredible all-in-one platform that delivers highly-available services and storage in an energy saving and condensed footprint.


Front running innovations in this solution include,

  • Built for AFA (All-Flash Array) performance tuned for hybrid cost efficiency
  • End-to-end 12Gb/s storage with HDD/SSD auto-tiering
  • Dual active-active clustered nodes for resilient Hyper-V / Storage Spaces environments
  • Next generation Intel Xeon platform (Haswell)
    • Up to 64-core and 1TB of memory
    • Delivers Hyper-V and file serving from a single appliance
  • Twenty-four 2.5” storage drives using 12Gb/s SAS HDD and SSD
  • Up to 40+ TB raw capacity of hot and cold auto-tiering or all flash SSD storage
  • Top of the line energy efficient DDR4 memory
  • Available PCI-e slots to add RDMA cards (including 10GbE / 40GbE / 56Gb Infiniband)

A complete 12Gb/s HDD/SSD converged storage appliance for concurrent Hyper-V and file serving can be had starting well under $35,000.

CiB-9224 Cluster-in-a-Box

Complete Management

As a converged appliance, the CiB-9224 includes the intuitive Management Utility Setup Tool (MUST™). This straightforward tool provides a collection of setup and event monitoring wizards, all accessible from a single pane of glass application running on any of the nodes. The DataON MUST™ includes a wizard designed to quickly provide initial OOBE (out-of-box experience) configurations while enabling users to easily enter account information, join a domain and specify clustering and storage parameters in less than 30 minutes.


The MUST also includes; storage/hardware status monitoring, event logs, alert notifications, chassis management, failover and recovery features. DataON also provides a performance engine for whole CiB environment tuning; including tiered storage and virtualization tuning features.


Deployments can improve your office environment, productivity and bottom line for greenfield and branch office deployments with features like:

  • Ideal all-in-one virtualization shared storage
  • Continuous dual-node server high availability
  • Hybrid storage ready for hot/cold data tiering
  • Robust internal shared storage 48TB all flash capacity
  • Office-optimized modular design with scalability
  • Simple, intuitive deployment setup management wizards